The amount of views has reached over 40000.

  The last line shows the accumulated number of views from the very beginning (40172), above that there is a line which contains the last 30-day number (4673). For comparison there are two previous records: one in October 2017 (1446 views per month), and another in March 2018 (1469).

   I want to thank all viewers - especially the foreign visitors - who allowed the posts of this blog to reach so many corners of our planet. As I promised before, there will be even more English content, and all older posts will have a short summary section in English. Basically all Hungarian posts of 2019 already have such a section.

  Via Dear Visitors featured post foreign viewers can browse more easily this blog. There is a list of clickable categories (labels) that provides a visitor with the possibility to view all posts related to a specific topic.

  With this upsurge our blog has definitely become the most viewed fencing blog in Hungary. Our competitor displays 20995 views (as of March 30). Many other blogs simply don't display this crucial number, so it is impossible to establish a completely reliable ranking.

 The actual final figure for March is 5004 views. (In April the blog was viewed 5088 times.)

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