Last Captain

  Finally you can watch this very interesting film on YT

 It is definitely a long (1:33:10) documentary, with a lot of details, tidbits of Hungarian fencing history, sometimes it even could be boring for people who are not very familiar with this rather specific topic. But for fencing enthusiasts around the world -- especially for those who are interested in the fencing history of Hungary (the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th) -- this film is really a true gem!

George (György) Piller [1]

  I don't want to review every single section of the film, or analyse it. Just watch it and enjoy the unfolding story.

Some reviews from Amazon:
 „This item provided a plethora of of information not available anywhere. Also had many old and very great photos. lots of these fencing stars are no longer with us but some are still here and we can see photos of them when they were young and learn who taught them and how their life of fencing in Europe was. This is a treasure.” (Krista)

 „I came for the fencing and stayed for the lesson in the Hungarian Revolution. For most Americans we have no idea what it is like to escape a dictatorship with constant threats to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Let us hope we never will. --- I also didn't know that Sports Illustrated played an important role in helping the Hungarian athletes leave the Melbourne Olympics to tour and then settle in the US. --- Excellent documentary ...” (Kevin)

 „Outstanding documentary showcasing a significant part of modern fencing history, that of Hungarian saber and one of its most noteworthy fencers and masters, Gyorgi Piller. For anyone wanting to understand part of the modern history of the sword and its role in culture, politics, and human endeavor, this documentary is it.” (Benerson)

 „This well researched and crafted documentary will help preserve the well-deserved legacy of George Piller. While a great fencing champion in his own right, his life as a coach serves an inspiration to all fencers and coaches. While I don't know much about reviewing films, I can say that for anyone interested in the history of the sport of fencing, this is a must see. --- Enjoy!” (Ron)
  1. From around 1933 Piller started to use his mother's family name (Jekelfalussy).