Originally I have just wanted to find more about a very special type of shinai, called fukuro shinai (roughly: shinai in a leather bag) And very quickly the whole thing transformed into a nice cultural journey.

  After checking the Hungarian Wiki article on fukuro shinai [1] I found a picture of a kenjutsu demonstration in a beautiful Japanese temple. I felt I must find out more about this temple! After few additional clicks I have been browsing the pictures of stunning Itsukushima Shrine.

Eternal beauty

At low tide

Floating shrine

  But let's return to the original topic: fukuro shinai.

 The famous ''Shinkage Ryu Fukuro Shinai'' was created by Kamiizumi Isenokami, the founder of the Shinkage Ryu. Some additional pictures [2]:

Daito approximate length: 98 cm; approx. weight: 500 g.
Shoto approximate length: 61 cm; approx. weight: 310 g.

 They are made entirely of one piece of selected Bamboo, and covered with deerskin leather. Additional pictures:
And the last picture of the shrine.


  1. There is also a German version of this article.
  2. Pictures are from this site.

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