Chalaupka (1875)

  It is always really exciting to find a completely new sabre fencing source which you haven't seen before and which isn't already mentioned in a big database (e.g. Schola Gladiatoria's link farm). [1]

The most interesting drawing of this book [2]

Franz Chalaupka
Leitfaden zum Unterricht im Säbel-Fechten. 
Für Truppenschulen der K.& K. Armee (1875)

The content of this German book:

I. Abteilung

II. und III.

IV. Abteilung

  Lieutenant Franz Chalaupka of the 39th Infantry Regiment was a fencing master at a cadet school in Vienna. At the moment I haven't searched for further details of his military carrier.

And finally the most important thing: link to the online version.
  1. SAGA's database has already listed this source, without providing a link to the online version of Chalaupka's fencing book.
  2. Unfortunately the only one :-((

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